Most Wanted




“MOST WANTED” is a unique anti-drug and alcohol rock band comprised exclusively of Police Agencies throughout Hamilton County. The group is sanctioned by the Hamilton County Police Association as a Regional Police Project”.

The purpose of “MOST WANTED” is to present an anti-drug/alcohol message to students in the form of a rock concert that is both spectacular and entertaining. The program is a major stage production, accented by lighting effects, and audience participation. Special care has been taken in the selection of the officers for “MOST WANTED” in order to achieve a solid representation of local police departments, talents and social balance. All officers perform in the uniform of his/her individual police departments.

“MOST WANTED” has been researched and designed to be a prevention program, targeted at students grades K through 6 but younger and older grade levels are encouraged to attend. The “MOST WANTED” program has reached over 350,000 students since inception in 1989. The results of our experience has been that students leave the concert with a positive reinforcement that it’s “cool” to “Just Say No” to drugs and alcohol, while establishing a new trust and confidence with police officers and teachers.

If you are interested in having the Most Wanted band play at your school, Nan Bongiani at 513-561-7000 or

Posted by Most Wanted Band (HCPA) on Friday, October 30, 2015