UCPD Officer Named ‘Officer of the Year’ By Hamilton Co. Police Honor Guard

UCPD Officer Jason Reeme’s dedication and passion earned him the Hamilton County Police Association Honor Guard’s Harris K. Loftspring Honor Guard Officer of the Year award.

Date: 2/6/2017
By: Kelly Cantwell
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Other Contact: Michele Ralston
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A University of Cincinnati police officer recently received an award from the Hamilton County Police Association Honor Guard as a result of his dedication to the organization.

Officer Jason Reeme was presented the Harris K. Loftspring Honor Guard Officer of the Year Award during the unit’s annual award banquet on Jan. 19.

head shot of officer
UCPD Officer Jason Reeme received an award from the Hamilton County Police Association Honor Guard on Jan. 19.

“I enjoy doing it, so being recognized for it means a lot,” Reeme said.

Reeme, who joined the Honor Guard in November 2015, has set himself apart during his short time in the unit, said the commander of the unit and Forest Park Police Chief Phil Cannon. Typically, the officer of the year award goes to a member of the unit who has been there much longer. Not only did Reeme attend 30 of 45 “deployments” throughout the year, but he is dependable and volunteers to help without being asked.

“He’s just one of those guys that wants to do whatever he can to help us succeed,” Cannon said.

He added, “He just gave of himself the whole year.”

Cannon also described Reeme as compassionate, and said he can tell Reeme is truly dedicated and passionate.

“I’m proud to have him on the unit,” Cannon said.

University of Cincinnati Police Chief Anthony Carter said the award is a great achievement for Reeme.

“This award is representative of Officer Reeme’s dedication to the unit, his team and the communities they serve, which is a positive reflection on him, his unit and the agencies they represent. This is a volunteer assignment and through his attendance, Officer Reeme displays his love for the unit,” Carter said.

The Hamilton County Police Honor Guard Association has 25 members from 22 agencies. Reeme is the third UC police officer to join the unit. Former officer Andy Feck was first, and currently, Reeme and officer Adam Hubbard serve on the unit.

“Reeme represents the University of Cincinnati Police Department very well and they should be proud they have an officer like him on this unit,” Cannon said.

Reeme, who has worked for the UC for five years as a security officer and 15 as a police officer, was interested in joining the Honor Guard because of his military experience. He was in the United States Marines from 1993-1999. He enjoys the work he does with the unit.

“I work with a really great group of people on the honor guard. Being able to give back to the families and see the thanks and the appreciation when we do a funeral vigil for the family means a lot,” Reeme said.

As part of the Honor Guard, Reeme attends once a month training and as many deployments as he can. The unit is deployed for events such as a funeral or graveside service, fundraisers such as Pigs and Pins in Norwood, a Cincinnati Reds game and as a color guard for law enforcement functions.

Reeme has been working at the Blue Ash campus for more than three years. He enjoys the challenge of policing and the opportunity to help others.

“It’s something different every day. You never know what’s going to happen,” Reeme said.

Carter states that Reeme sets a high standard for other UCPD officers.

“Officer Reeme’s contribution to the UCPD is his professionalism and dedication; his attention to detail and commitment to his community.  Every time he practices and performs, he proudly exemplifies the any facets of the UCPD mission, which is to honor the communities we serve,” Carter said.