The HCPA Underwater Search and Recovery Unit was founded in 1974. Original team members came together to create a unit that could assist with criminal investigations, vehicle and body recoveries, and other underwater operations. Since its inception, the USRU team has evolved into a well equipped and highly trained unit capable of several functions. Many of the current members are PADI certified as scuba divers, advanced open water divers, rescue divers, and master scuba divers. The team has assisted in the recovery of drowning victims, stolen vehicles, weapons used in violent crimes, and other evidence needed for ongoing criminal investigations. The USRU team is an invaluable resource to local law enforcement and to the residents of Hamilton County.

On Sunday April 30th, 2017, the team took possession of two new watercraft.  Through the generosity of two benefactors, the H.C.P.A. was able to purchase two boats that will bring the team into the 21st century.  Pictures of the event can be seen below.